Flight from Tonopah - Owyhee - Silver Springs Sunday, 08/01/04
Glider DG300 - DG3
9 hrs 31 mins


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Od to the east  

Blue and sunny to the west

I flew with Ramy on Sunday only, we flew straight north from Tonopah
with a 25kt tail wind (about 240 miles) to Owyhee just beating the OD,
(I was about 50 miles behind), and after I turned around there was
extensive OD to the east, so the plan was to skirt the west edge of
the OD line. Ramy managed to squeak thru by Austin (at this time he
was about 100 miles ahead), but since I had no water (that's another
long story) I was making slow progress into the headwind, and I was
unable to get thru to Austin because it was all closed in. I also was
unable to fly around to the east because of the restricted air space,
so my only choice was to double back and formulate an alternate plan.
I managed to find some strong lift late (8pm) and was able to fly
between the restricted airspace to fallon, where I got some more
incredible lift and final glided to silversprings for a 930km flight.
Here is picture of the strong lift I got near Fallon to 17,999 feet
next to the virga, but the really interesting part about this photo is
the circular dust pattern lifting off the ground in the distance.

This photo shows a wide line of dust blowing accross the ground. This can be seen just behind the virga on the left of the photo.


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