last thermal 155KM from Hollister

         IGC Trace

My 2nd 500k solo flight. 504K from release - 5:20 hrs From Hollister. CA to New Cuyuma and back.

Sunday 08/03/03 was another great day. The task was Elevator1 to New Cuyuma and back to Hollister.
Ramy (TG) and myself (DG3) both had great filghts today, we launched
around 1pm and decided to go to black and back, once down there Ramy
suggested we continue, the clouds looked good,and I had nothing
better to do, so I followed. 5:20 hrs later, we landed hollister after
turning New Cuyama. 2 unplanned 500km flights in the bag! Great
conditions, the cloud street from Black to EL2 on the way home was

76W towing

eagle? or big hawk

Ramy in TG

central valley

been there

going there

California valley and salt lake

rocks near california valley

New Cuyama

My last turn was 155km from hollister about 10 miles south of Black Mountain, the lift was so strong, I was able to fly at speeds in excess of 100kts indicated to stay under the clouds. I made it all the way home without ever turing again at a speed of 81mph in 1hr 11 mins. This is my 1st summer flying out of Hollister, and I'm impressed! I still havn't done a 500k in the sierras!

Brian DG3
Screen shots from SEEYOU software (now with 3D flight analysis!)