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elcome to my gliding home page - I learned how to fly gliders by transitioning from Power to Gliders at Hollisiter Gliding Club. The flight training was excellent and I transitioned in about 20 hours. I transitioned from single engine cessna, and Gliding really opened some new doors for me. The experience is 100 times better than flying power planes. After a couple of years I learned how to fly cross country by taking dual cross country training at Hollister Gliding Club. If you love a challenge and ultimate free flight like an eagle, then you will love cross country flying. I have been cross country flying for about 3 years now and its just keeps getting better and better as I learn more.
Below are some of the highlights from my soaring experience so far.

Images (click to enlarge):
Top Left: A spectacular caped leni on a mountain I do not know, if you know what mountain that is, please email me

Top Right: My 3 monitors work great for post flight analysis and 3D viewing using seeyou software. Uses Matrox Parhilia 512meg 3d card that supports 3 monitors and one tv simultaneously.
Below: A landount during a PASCO competition in Avenal, CA where I found this skull at my stopping point after a landout, ironic since the name of my team was "Panoche Pirates"

My Longest flight to date
930km from Tonopah

My Best Flights from Hollister
First Sierra Crossing - Hollister to Truckee
Another 500k out of Hollister in summer
Record Straight out flight from Hollister
Finally my 1st 500K solo
Recent 200 mile xc

Pasco Egg flight
3 great spring days in a row - Hollister to (almost williams) - Williams to Hollister - Hollister to Majave desert


My Gliding Trip to
Omarama New Zealand December 2002

a great wave day

ridge soaring Mt Cook

90kts in 10kts up

classic convergence

convergence day in the mountains

more ridge/convergence flying

mt_cook in the distance

mt_cook at the top of the valley

NE of mt_cook



final_glide home


a peak

the chalets on the airport

class with Gavin




a peak

I finally got to fly (by myself - in a single seater) the face of MT. Cook the highest mountain in NZ - A dream come true! We had GREAT weather every day, (I only landed out once - due to a couple of bad tactical moves) with several long flights in wave and more using thermal and ridge lift. I flew for 10 days straight. the pictures tell it all.

Brian Choate - DG3 - 12/2002

For more info on Gavin Wills mountain and Wave flying courses in NZ visit his website here: glideomarama.com

My 1st time soaring in NZ 2001


I fly a DG300   40:1 glide ratio - flberglass sailplane with a 50ft wingspan

My email bcaway@yahoo.com

My favorite Glider pic DG3

Lonely Landout


Flight Instruction, Glider Instruction
Flight instruction and Glider Training - Hollister Gliding Club